• Agreement – means the terms and conditions and the registration form and acceptance of the registration form.
• Fees- means the fees payable for training services as set out in the information brochure and on the registration form.
• The client – means the company or private individual requesting the services of SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC.
• The student – means the person/student identified on the registration form.
• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC – means the the Accredited Training Provider delivering the training services.
• The Venue – means the venue booked for a training session.
• Training services – means the services of training provided by a qualified Assessor under the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC terms and conditions.

1. Training services and venues

• Students shall provide SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC with a request for training by a completed registration form via our website, e-mail or hard copy handed in at the office.
• The minimum requirement to enrol for the NQF level 3 Skills Accredited courses is:
Communication at NQF Level 2.
Mathematical literacy at NQF Level 1.
• As all courses are presented in English, it is important for all students to be able to speak, read, write and understand the English language.
All our courses are Skills courses based on Unit standards and NOT a learnership
• Student competence within the English language is a prerequisite for enrolment in this programme,
We do however strive to help students in their language, where possible. However we cannot guarantee this.
• Training shall commence on the dates specified by the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC on acceptance.
• Completed registration forms shall contain: the students name, surname, identity number, scheduled training date, region, name of company, contact numbers, e-mail addresses.
• All students/companies must send their registration form/s to the course coordinator at the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC’s office together with proof of payment and copy of ID document.
• It is the responsibility of the prospective student to register and no student will automatically be enrolled in a course without proof of payment and registration.
• Once proof of payment and the registration form has been received by the course coordinator, the training confirmation email will be sent to the student.
• All student information and payments are confidential and will be handled as such.
• Any other delivery arrangements of study guides (books) to be sent to student will be for the student’s own account.
• No student will be allowed to attend a course without the relevant fees being paid in full prior to the commencement of the course.
• All courses shall be presented on the discretion of the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC.

2. Work Experience Log (Record)

• Please note that it is a mandatory requirement for all students to undergo a specified period of work experience under supervision of a qualified Meat Cutter / Supervisor.

3. Internal Practical Assessment

• Students shall, after successful completion of a course and completion of a Work Experience Log (Record) with the portfolio duly signed and stamped by the Butcher, apply to undergo an Internal Practical Assessment.
• A fee, determined by the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC, shall be charged for any re-assessments.
• Students shall, when they are ready, request the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC to plan for an Assessment.
• All Assessors are accredited and registered with Foodbev SETA.
• The findings of an assessment will be accepted by the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC as final.
• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC has sole discretion as to Assessors allocated to training programmes.
• Upon successful completion of the Internal Practical Assessment, a Certificate of Competence shall be issued by the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC.

4. Application for Immigration

• The student must take full responsibility for finding out what the country of destination requires before Booking with us. We will and cannot take responsibility for requirements and levels of training needed to immigrate.

5. Fees

• Students agree to pay the current fees for training according to SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC’s published prices as of the date of SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC’s acceptance of the request for training, unless otherwise agreed.
• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule training should it be necessary.
• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC is a cc and is registered for VAT.
• No training manuals will be sold separately. The manuals are included in the course fees as a package.

6. Payment – Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

• All payments must be processed in South African Rands. SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC does not accept other currencies.
• Credit / Debit card facilities are also available at the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC head office and website
• In order to pay via EFT, you will have to load the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC as a beneficiary on your internet banking and use the invoice number or your name in the reference line for your payment. This should speed up the process of your registration. Bank costs for overseas students using the swift code will be carried by the student/client.

7. Direct deposit

• The student may pay by way of a direct deposit at the bank or EFT.
• Please email proof of payment to the course coordinator as indicated on the site where you engaged in the transaction to ensure your payment is confirmed as soon as possible.

8. Refund policy

• No refund will be applicable if the student has made a booking, the amount will be kept as credit.
• Should a student not arrive for the scheduled training session or an assessment, and no prior written cancellation has been received and confirmed, the full fee will be forfeited.
• The violation of any terms and conditions stated in this agreement will be just cause for dismissal from a course. No refund will be provided to learners dismissed from a course.


• All assessment packages, including documentation and manuals are copyrighted by SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC.
• Students are strictly prohibited from copying or disclosing any material. The prohibition includes not discussing or disclosing any information on the internet, on blogs, or chat rooms, WhatsApp or through any other media or public means.

10. Prohibitions

• It is prohibited for any student to enter a course venue or assessment site under the influence of any narcotic substance or alcohol.
• It is prohibited to bring a weapon of any kind to a venue or site.

11. Responsibility of the client/student

• The client/student shall be liable for any training fees payable to the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC. It is the responsibility of the client/student to make sure that SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC receives the registration form & the proof of payment.
• Clients are responsible for ensuring that the learners are suitable for the training course they wish to attend. SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC will not be liable for any refunds should the learner be found unsuitable once training has commenced.
• It is the responsibility of each student to arrive on time for a training session.
• If a student arrives late for the practical assessment the Assessor has the authority to decide if the student/client can still attend the relevant assessment.

12. Travel & Accommodation

• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC does not provide accommodation. It is the responsibility of students to make travel/accommodation arrangements and payments to attend training.

13. Disclaimer

• It is the responsibility of the client/student to follow up on e-mails sent to the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC. No email shall be deemed received or acknowledged unless a response is issued by the SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC.
• NO Electronic completed PDF assignment or time sheet forms will be accepted, the Assessor needs the assignments completed in student’s own hand writing.

14. Limitation of liability

• Under no circumstances and in no event, shall SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC be held responsible for any loss of profit or contracts, income, revenue, business, financing expenses, travelling costs, accommodation, nor for any indirect losses due to students registering or attending courses.
• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC has the right to change the course costs at any time without prior notice but undertakes to send out new prices and costs timeously to all students and clients on our Database /website.
• Students will be held liable for any damages caused by any uproar or neglect on the part of the student at any course venue.

15. Privacy policy

• We at SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC are firmly committed to the privacy of its students and clients. No client/student information will be made public without written consent of the client/student.

16. Changes to this privacy policy

• SA BUTCHERY TRAINING SCHOOL CC reserves the right to make any changes to documents, books, guidelines, website, assessment packs and procedures without prior notice to its students or the public.

17. Re-issue of lost, stolen or damaged certificates

This office has strict procedures for re-issuing of lost, stolen, or damaged certificates.
Should the original certificate be lost, stolen, or damaged you may request a copy of the original certificate.
The following are required when applying for a copy of your certificate:
• An Affidavit certified by a Commissioner of Oath explaining why you need a reprint.
• Proof of payment of R400, 00 re-print fee.

18. Contact information

1052 Hertzog street,
Tel: +27 (012) 3303652
E-mail: info@butcherschool.co.za
Cell: 083 676 2081

The student/client hereby acknowledges that he/she has read the above Terms and Conditions and understands the content thereof.